How To Stay Motivated Towards Your Goals
How To Stay Motivated Towards Your Goals

Most people begin the year with new resolutions or goals. Unfortunately only a few achieve them. In fact, new studies reveal that less than 10% of people who set goals achieve them. What does this small category of people do differently? One reason people fail to achieve their goals is that they lack focus. With so many activities competing for our attention, it is easy to be distracted from those productive ones that directly impact on our goals, positively. Here are three suggestions on how you can focus on your goals this year to ensure that you achieve them.

Carefully think through your goals

As much as you need to be realistic, you should also be sincere with yourself. What is the real reason behind the goals you have set? For instance, why do you want to travel to at least ten countries before the first quarter? Is it a borrowed goal? In what ways would it benefit you? Do you have all the necessary resources? By honestly examining your motives, you find strong convictions to keep you going even as things get tough. Also, you would be more willing to dedicate your resources towards achieving them.

Be accountable

Another way you can stay focused on your goals this year is through accountability. One way of being accountable is by collaborating with people with the same goals as you. For instance, if you plan to increase your savings, you could join a transparent, well-structured group established for that purpose. Most traders use this means to achieve their financial goals. You could also share your plans with people you know succeeded in the area of your focus and ask them to keep you accountable. By doing so, you would benefit from their valuable experiences and much-needed encouragements. Some people turn to the internet community for accountability purposes, by blogging on their journeys, for example. Staying focused on your goals requires commitment; being accountable makes the whole process a bit easy.

Develop the right attitude

What happens when your zeal fades or when you are confronted with threats, most, beyond your control? Will you quit or will you still forge ahead? People who achieve their goals factor in these events, and when they happen don’t abandon their plans. Find new ways to inspire yourself. Let the progress you would have made, no matter how little inspire you. Rather than focus on the challenges you will face, think of new ways to solve them. You need to develop the right attitudes of persistence, diligence and strong determination to pull through.

When we focus on our goals to achieve them, we place ourselves in a position where we are more in control of our lives. However, what is equally as important as what we achieve is who we become in the process – self-confident, driven and focused people will conveniently take on more challenging tasks.

How Successful People Get And Stay Motivated
How Successful People Get And Stay Motivated

One of the differences between successful people and average people is the way they get and stay motivated. Simply put, motivation is what gets people moving in the direction that they want to go.

People get motivated by different things, and their reasons behind their motivation are equally important. Some simply want more money while others desperately need to make more money to be able to live. Some people want to do something different with their life while others need to do something different or they think they will die.

Depending on how badly you want something can easily determine your amount of motivation. People who are already successful have figured out how to “turn on” their motivation. They have also discovered their life’s passion, which keeps them even more motivated. Here are ways successful people stay highly motivated.

They always work hard to win but know if they fail they will begin again.

They know that any failing that they do is an accomplishment because they have accomplished a learning experience. These learning experiences always teach them what they need to know so they can move forward and achieve their goals. Even if they have to begin a goal two, three, or more times, they will always begin again with more confidence, drive, and determination.

They do what they enjoy.

They have found their life’s passion; what they were meant to do with their life and what makes them happy. Finding your life’s passion is a motivator all in itself. Being able to do what they want to do and not what they have to do gives them the motivation to succeed more. They feel their purpose of life is to achieve their dreams and this keeps them highly motivated.

Because these people have found their life’s passion they are, overall, happier people.

These people are not in a work environment where employees average ten dollars an hour while management averages six figures a year. These people also do not put up with bullies or micromanaging jerks. Because they are highly motivated, successful people would never get themselves into situations such as these. Successful people surround themselves with other highly motivated and successful people. If they ever find themselves in a bad environment of any kind, they have the motivation to get themselves out.

They have no fears of success or fears of failure.

Yes, they sometimes have fear but they know what needs to be done and they do it. They can do it because they are highly motivated in accomplishing whatever goal they set for themselves.

Highly motivated and successful people are confident.

They feel good about who they are and actually like themselves. They know that whatever someone else does, they can do better. They dress for success and can find something positive in every situation. They believe in themselves and also in their abilities. If they do not have the ability to accomplish their goal, they learn it. They are not afraid of doing something new because they already know they will win.

Motivation is not something which can be learned over night. Motivation is something that comes from within. It comes from the desire to attain what you want to achieve because you know it is the right thing to do.

Once you find your life’s passion, you can find your motivation much easier. Your motivation will kick in and get you on the path to where you want to go.

7 Sure-fire Ways To Stay Motivated
7 Sure-fire Ways To Stay Motivated

From time to time, everyone gets a little down on motivation. As a web entrepreneur you really do need a reliable trigger to enable yourself to keep going, particularly when you’re first starting out and things aren’t happening so quickly. Different things work for different people, and some may even find a combination of these to be most effective. Below are some ways to stay motivated:

Your Past Accomplishments

You’ve already achieved great things in your life so far. Remember what it was like to come out the other side, how good it felt and what challenges you were able to overcome. Look back on your previous work to find a little of yourself you may have lost and find a way to re-inject it into what you’re working on now. You’ve done it before – you can do it again.

Your Past Failures

Failure is rarely pleasant for the majority of people, but it always offers a unique learning experience. Put some of those lessons into practice when you go about your next attempt at something. Prove to yourself that you can do better, and let failure be the kick in the pants that drives you to greater heights than you had previously imagined.

Watch Others Succeed

It is often very uplifting to look at others who are attempting similar things to you and having success. Look at what they’re doing and what you’re not, and let their success prove that what you’re trying to achieve is really possible. And if they can do it, so can you.

Things You Want

While it’s not always reliable, thinking about what physical possessions success will eventually allow you to have can be a powerful motivator – particularly when used in a visual way. Don’t rely on it too heavily though as it can lead you to focus on achieving success for the wrong reasons and if you have a setback your first response will be in the vain of “now I can’t have that”. Hence, focusing on what you should be getting, rather than what you should be becoming.

Imagine It Done

Have you ever looked at a large mess in the kitchen and thought “well, I know it won’t be pleasant but I’ll feel better when it’s done” and used that as your motivation to clean it up? Focusing on the end result can also work for getting through many other unpleasant activities, as well as others you often struggle to get started with.

Follow a Daily Mantra

Write your own set of personal rules that you can read and stick to each day. This should not be too specific like “today I will take out the trash, today I will go to the store and pick up the groceries at approximately two o’clock” but should be more along the lines of “today I will achieve all I can, today I will not be bothered by outside influence, today I will make more time for me” and so on.

Take Time to Escape

There are many ways in which you can choose to simply get away from it all. You can travel to someplace new, watch a movie, read a book, listen to some music or even take a nap. When you come back you’ll feel recharged and ready to tackle whatever you need to get done.

In conclusion, staying motivated can be difficult, but not impossible. Use one or all of the above tips to help you stay motivated.

How To Stay Calm and Collected in Any Situation

Now is the time to plan. We’re always juggling so many things – planning for the future like finding new clients, attending to current clients and the list goes on.

High-stress levels can result in tense situations which impact on our communication style. A situation which may usually cause minor irritation could become a breaking point when feeling stressed.

Here is how to stay calm and collected in any situation.

1. Have the courage to step back

Stressful situations can become quite emotional.

2. Gather your thoughts before responding

If you’re communicating via email, it’s easy to hit send before calming down from an angry state.

The technology was supposed to make our lives easier. Use technology as a tool to assist you in your working day. Replying to an email that causes you stress doesn’t have to be done immediately. Take control of the situation by allowing yourself some time out.

3. Change perspective

Step into the shoes of the person that you’re having difficulty communicating with and see, hear and feel the situation through their eyes, ears and emotions.

4. Analyse your options

Depending upon your situation, here are some questions to consider:

– What is the most appropriate response to the situation given what you know about the other person’s communication style?

– Do you have enough information to make an informed decision?

– Have you heard what the other person has to say without becoming defensive or shifting into win-lose thinking?

5. Logic instead of emotion

View at the facts and detach them from the emotional element of the situation.

To be capable of doing this, it’s essential to look after yourself so that when a difficult situation arises, you’re less likely to be affected by the emotional component.

Some strategies include:

Breathing deeply from the diaphragm

This helps to relax the muscles and allows oxygen to flow to the brain so that you can think in a more rational manner.

Regular exercise

This could be as simple as a walk that can clear the head while applying nervous energy in a productive way.

Become an objective observer

Hold back from the situation and reality it as if you were a detached observer.

6. Master of actions versus reactions

You can control how you feel and react to any situation. You cannot control how others feel or react. So it’s important that you do what you can within, always know that your circle of influence.

By recognizing and checking your reactions, intentions and assumptions you’re able to be the master of your actions.